I'm putting together a course on multiculturalism for my students in Japan - it's a subject of some importance in a closed society. I have a fair number of ideas so far, as detailed below, but I'd like to develop a historical perspective in Unit One about how things have changed since the youth revolution in the 1960s for a more open, just and equal society. Could anyone give a good suggestion for a film which exemplifies the social shift in the 1960s to the new multicultural attitudes? I'm afraid films have to be restricted to recent well-known box-office hits for the most part, not only to maintain interest but because of availability in Japanese video shops. Any input would be gratefully received - I'm still at the formulating the course stage so am very open to suggestions, but some Trekkie questions first: - The Star Trek crew is multicultural, bigendered and even interspecies. Is there a member with a physical disability too - I haven't really been watching for some years. Is the guy wearing a funny thing round his eyes supposed to be blind? Was there any significance in gettng a British actor to be leader of the new Enterprise crew (all the rest are Americans, aren't they)? What happens with babies - do any of the Trekkies ever get pregnant and if so, what do they do about it? And could anyone give me the correct wording of the mission statement - 'to boldly go where no man/one ? has been before'. Thanks...... Unit One - Historical change - the 1960s and 1970s. Any suggestions for films showing the social changes of the early 1960s and the clash of attitudes between the refusal to accept differences and the youth movement or rights movement? The Truman Show/Pleasantville - the way things used to be The Long Walk Home/Guess Who's Coming to Lunch? - overcoming the race barrier The Doors/Woodstock/Velvet Goldmine - opening doors and experimentalism Unit Two - The Black experience Amistad The Color Purple Malcolm X Do the Right Thing Unit Three - The female experience Working Woman Tootsie Thelma and Louise The Accused American Quilt G.I. Jane Unit Four - The gay experience Wilde/Maurice (for how things were in the past) Philadelphia Torch Song Trilogy As Good as it Gets In and Out My Best Friend's Wedding Unit Five - The disadvantaged Rain Man Children of a Lesser God My Left Foot What's Eating Gilbert Grape Shine Forrest Gump Unit Six - Pluralist families The Wedding Banquet Kramer versus Kramer/Mrs. Doubtfire - divorce Secrets and Lies Anyone know a good film portraying single mothers/A.I.? Unit Seven - Inclusiveness Star Trek Joy Luck Club The Crying Game black-white teams in Lethal Weapon etc and As good as It Gets for an example of the non-PC Nicholson being tamed by love any other good ones exemplifying inclusiveness and multicultural education? ---- Screen-L is sponsored by the Telecommunication & Film Dept., the University of Alabama.