Trying out PM-WIN 3.01d for Windows 3.x, I liked many of the new
features, but would not like to drop PM-DOS altogether, since it is
so nice, fast, and allows a more consistent operation with
keystrokes only. I want to continue using them in parallel.

Here now comes the following problem with regard to copies to self:

- without the '-Z 32768' command-line parameter, WinPM does not show
copies to self made with DOS-PMail correctly, since DOS-PMail does
not specify MIME or charset in the header of copies to self. WinPM
then reads ASCII-chars as if they were ANSI, and high-bit chars come
out garbled.

Copies to self made with Win-PMail come out fine when reading them
with PM-DOS.

- with the '-Z 32768' command-line parameter, copies to self created
by DOS-PMail are read correctly.

However, copies to self created with WinPMail are saved as 7bit,
using the default conversion table for the high-bit chars. What comes
out has 'tau' and 'sigma' etc.


- Workaround: If I modify the WPM-CHAR file, everything works fine;
but I obviously cannot send sensible non-mime messages with accented
character equivalents any more.

Question: Is there a better solution?

Suggestions for the PMail-Win developers: in my opinion, the '-Z
32768' flag should not affect the way in which copies
to self are saved as long as MIME and charset are specified, since
the DOS version of PMail is perfectly able to interpret 8bit MIME
also in the copy-to-self folder.

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