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>        I checked out the In Memoriam website
>        Only to find out that it's not an active link.  Do you have an
>updated website?

ScreenSite, as Gloria knows, is a Website devoted to resources for film/TV
teachers and scholars.  It moved from its original location quite some time
ago, but there may still be links to the old site floating around the ether.

The old location was http://www.sa.ua.edu/tcf and the new, current one is
http://www.tcf.ua.edu/screensite.  Old links may be corrected to the new
ones by substituting the latter for the former, as in


This particular page is a memorial for our film/TV colleagues.

Jeremy Butler
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ScreenSite http://www.tcf.ua.edu/ScreenSite
Telecommunication & Film/University of Alabama/Tuscaloosa

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