I don't remember if I mentioned this before about tobacco ads in the '80s.
But I remember a Salem commercial with a guy glimbing a mountain and the
Salem logo in the background that never showed anyone actually smoking.
Another guy brought this exact commercial up in a middle school health
class.  He also mentioned one for a cigar brand with guys smoking on a
boat.  These only aired on cable, to my knowledge, and most people deny
their existence.  I don't know that the cigar one did, but I know the
Salem one did.

Someone must have gotten in trouble over these.


Scott Andrew Hutchins
Oz, Monsters, Kamillions, and More!
Frances:  I've led a pretty boring life compared to yours.

Freddy [the neighbor]:  Mine was pretty boring, too.  I've just got a
knack for picking out the interesting bits.

                                    --David Williamson
                                    _Travelling North_
                                    Act Two Scene Three

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