Three companion books are out now.  They are:
1)  The Watcher's Guide (Official Companion)
2)  The Girl's got Bite (Unofficial Companion)
3)  Buffy X-posed (Unofficial Companion)
I've got the Watcher's Guide and it's well worth it.  It's well put together
and has some interesting info.  I leafed through The Girl's Got Bite and
found I didn't really like the writing style.
The comics are out now.  I think they're on issue 4 or 5 and there's a trade
You could also look to the newsgroup for information.
There should defintely be something written about Buffy.  I guess the
question is who will start it.
Oh another thing I found interesting were the interviews with Joss Whedon
included in the box set.
> There are about four or five companion books and a comic book series
> planned but
> as for scholarly works, I know not.
> Please let us know if you do write about Buffy!
> Sharon Knolle
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