Apropos identifying US box office grosses 1946, 54 & 76 from sources available
in UK:
The New Year edition of the British trade paper "Today's Cinema" published
various statistical round-ups, which I think included that information for the
previous year.  Another trade paper, "Kinematograph Weekly" published an
annual, the "Kine Yearbook".  All are available in the BFI library and should
provide the information you need for 1946 and 1954 (off the top of my head, I
recall that the biggest grossing US film in the UK for 1946 was "A Night in
Paradise" (US 1946, dir. Arthur Lubin)).
Those sources had ceased to be published by 1976, but try the BFI yearbook.
You certainly should not need to go to the States just to find the names of
these three films.  The BFI has complete runs of Hollywood Reporter and
Variety, amongst other US trade rags.
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