Thanks, Gloria. I do use "Film Art" and I showed Ballet Mechanique, A
Movie, Meshes of the Afternoon
and Un Chien Andalou with the lecture. I don't know about these
others-- could you give me a line on each?
        *Marilyn Times Five*
        *Anemic Cinema*
I don't like Film Art's classification of nonnarrative films. So I did one
half of the lecture on Experimental Film and Video using the typology
developed by Ed Small in "Direct Theory" and for the documentary half of
the lecture I used the typology given by Barbash and Taylor in
"Cross-Cultural Flmmaking" which describes Expository, Observational,
Impressionistic and Reflexive films. "Surname" illustrates the latter two
categories,(plus it fits with the class duration exactly). As it turns
out, you are right in that it proved to be too dense for them -- about 50
left in the middle of it.
Online resources for film/TV studies may be found at ScreenSite