On a lighter note...
I've been writing a column on films for a comedic magazine.  Soon we'll be
producing a December marathon that includes a new article ever day of
December.  An advent calendar, actually.  Anyway, I plan on making my
regular Christmas reviews but also had an idea to write about Santa Claus in
film throughout the years.
What I'm asking screen-l, h-film all my friends and readers to help me with,
is to compile a record of all the weirdest Santa Clause imagery they can
remember form films past.  Myself, I can only think of a few.  The "Dream
Santas" in The City of the Lost Children, the "Rude Santa" in A Christmas
Story.  But I'm drawing blanks after that.  I seem to remember, a Terrorist
Santa from Christmas past, and didn't Chevy Chase do Santa once.  Was it SNL
or the Vacation movie?   Oh, and Gremlins featured Gremlin Santas.  That's a
prime example.  See where I'm going?
If you could forward your suggestions, so that I can fortify my article, I'd
be grateful indeed.  Also, feel free to write me personally about any
memorable Chistmas film experiences.  My editor mentioned that he kept his
ticket stub from the Muppet Christmas Story from way back.  When he looked
through his albums recently he noticed that the stub had been torn just so,
leaving "Muppet Christ" legible.  "Now that's a movie I want to see!" he
Get the picture?
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