for mad women scientists, of which there are few thre are two
examples, but they are stereotypic
Devil Doll - a lovely depiction of madness gone over its altruistic
edge in the early section
also The Kindred, generally nasty scientist mother who has been
cloning her son, ( I think this is the one i mean, but it is a
as for non-mad women scientists there was been a whole load
chain reaction
the peacemaker
the saint
the daughter in Lost in Space
and I'm sure there's more
i would just add the woman in Making mr right isn't a scientist,
she's the pr specialist
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>Scott Hutchins requests:
>> I'm working on a script in which one of the major characters is
one, and I
>> only know of two other films to feature one, netiher of which
have I seen:
>> _Carnosaur_ and _Dr. Alien!_, both of which are apparently
very bad,
>> campy, hokey, sexist, gratuitous, and violent.  Does anyone
know of any
>> others, particularly any good ones, or is mine relatively
>> (Particularly since it does not follow any predictable plots:  no
>> no sex, no falling in love, no loss of bookishness, no asylum,
etc., etc.)
>Not certifiably "mad," and too much within the stereotypes you
cite is
>Ann Magnuson in MAKING MR. RIGHT.
>A parody of the concept is "Pearl Forrester" in the movie and
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