There is Phil Hardy's _The Overlook Film Encyclopedia:  Horror_ (Its SF
counterpart was used as a textbook for a course on SF films I took).
Alsom there is _Necronomicon 1_, though that does not deal strictly with
horror, and includes some porno, with stills, and there is _Men, Women, &
Chainsaws_, which is not always accurate (It claims the Evil Dead kids eat
each other's spew, which is utterly false.)
On Thu, 15 Oct 1998 [log in to unmask] wrote:
> after hiding from the threat for some years i've decided to face
> the monster and have agreed to teach a course on horror films
> in the spring . . . while i know at least some of the interesting work
> on the genre, a lot of what i know is fairly advanced, certainly
> too complicated for non specialist undergrads most of whom
> will be taking the course simply to fulfill a humanities distribution
> requirement . . .
> can anyone recommend materials [a book or, perhaps even better,
> a number of essays] that would provide appropriate background
> reading for such a course . . . to the extent that the material touches on
> [or tackles] the latent gender issues in the genre i would be especially
> grateful
> thanks much
> mike frank
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