Are you talking about the version that was just reissued or the old tapes?
>Does anyone else have the Limited Edition of _The Evil Dead_?  What seems
>like the definitive release actually has (at least in my copy) rectangular
>ghosts from the beginning of the assemble edit to the end, though they're
>usually only visible during dark scenes, and in this remastered version,
>there are far fewer of those.  I've seen two copies of the collector's
>widescreen version of _Evil Dead II_ (also from Anchor Bay), because the
>first had damage to the hifi tracks and I had to return it.
>Unfortunately, they both had a loud buzz like a fan (not a chainsaw) from
>the beginning of the assemble edit.  I'm wondering if Anchor Bay might
>have inadvertantly the "not quite" best ever video presentations of these
>films.  Still, even with the ghosts, which looks like pale letterboxing,
>only moving, it's better than the UAV tape I rented from Blockbuster:
>grainy, low-fi, and a generation from a VHS master (which is how it seems
>UAV records all its videos, even if they do have the rights to).
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