I'm not too sure about the colour newsreel comments you made,
but I do think Spielberg fudges the issue a little in
expressing a desire to recapture the newsreel feel.
It depends on what level of realism Spielberg is trying to
One could be that of verisimilitude, in which the audience is
asked to suspend disbelief and believe that they are present
on the battlefield. (In this respect then the effort should
be to record colours etc. as they are, or as they would have
been to the naked eye, as an example)
The other is through recognition, asking the audience to
imagine they are watching original footage, maybe even to
believe they are in a wartime cinema. If this is the case,
the much of the violence would surely have been censored, in
the interests of morale at home perhaps.
Damian Peter Sutton
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