This is definitely avaialble on video.  Suncoast has it.  I know because
my friend Aubrey was obsessed with it because she thought it was the most
overacted film she had ever seen.  Aubrey never bought a copy, but she
rented it frequently.  I joked around about buying it for her, but she
didn't want me buying anything for her.
Scott Andrew Hutchins
Oz, Monsters, Kamillions, and More!
Frances:  I've led a pretty boring life compared to yours.
Freddy [the neighbor]:  Mine was pretty boring, too.  I've just got a
knack for picking out the interesting bits.
                                    --David Williamson
                                    _Travelling North_
                                    Act Two Scene Three
On Sun, 4 Oct 1998, Paul Fryer wrote:
> A student of mine who is writing a comparative thesis on the different
> treatments of the Madam Butterfly story is desperate to see Cronenberg`s M.
> Butterfly.
> Does anyone know if this is on video - or has it been in the past ?
> Paul Fryer
> Senior Lecturer, School of Theatre & Production,
> Rose Bruford College.
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