R Knox wrote:
> Can anyone direct me to a location on the web that gives financial
> information on films. What did they cost - how much did they take in.
> Preferable with some detail in each area: eg pre production, production,
> post production - maybe even cast salaries; sales by country, video,
> cable, etc. I understand that these numbers will be inaccurate. If not
> on the web - is there a source off the web? Thanks in advance.
The information may from an earlier era than the poster had
in mind, but the April 1997 issue of the Silent Film Bookshelf
reprints several contemporary articles on costs and grosses
of silent and early sound films.
A 1927 article from Photoplay examined the profitability of the
average program picture and the most successful roadshow
pictures. After sound films were established, in 1932 Variety
compared the most successful sound films to the most successful
silents. The issue also includes two views of the commercial
success of D.W. Griffith- a Griffith press release and a Variety
David Pierce
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