Robert J Vest wrote:
> Scott Hutchins <[log in to unmask]> on 09/14/98 12:04:41 PM
>> The obvious reason to hate the film is Private Ryan the all-American
>> soldier boy that keeps the film from being a truly an anti-war film, as
>> do other aspects of the film.
> I must have been seeing a different movie. What possible reason could you
> have for 'hating' this movie? (I know you are not the original poster, but
> I used your response to reply to the list) The 'all-American soldier boy',
> 'a truly anti-war movie'? I may deft here, but I don't get these comments.
> Reply off-list if you would like, but I thoughthe movie was a veritible
> masterpiece.
You're right, Bob.  SPR was a masterpiece that no one could reasonably
deem to be pro-war.  Anyone's reasons for thinking otherwise will be
- Josh
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