FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                   15 SEPTEMBER
The Chicago Underground Film Festival kicks off its bi-monthly assault
on the mainstream with an appropriately subversive screening and
performance by tENTATIVELY a, cONVENIENCE.  The event will be held
Thursday, October 1, 8:00pm,  at The Viaduct , 3111, North Western Ave,
Chicago, IL. Tickets are $6.00 and can be purchased the night of the
show. Admission is free to members.
The evening will inaugurate CUFF's bi-monthly underground film series.
Organized to ensure the year-round presence of uncompromising film and
video in Chicago, the series is part of CUFF's commitment to increase
its impact on the counter-cultural landscape.  Says Festival Director
Bryan Wendorf," Our goal is to add to Chicago's already diverse
alternative film scene, filling in the gaps between what's screened at
Chicago Filmmakers, Facets and the Film Center. Our emphasis will be on
discovering and exposing fresh new voices in film and video."
The mischief maker this month is tENTAVITELY, a cONVENIENCE, whose work
most recently screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
Drawing upon the writings of the Italian Neofuturists as well as the
Church of the SubGenius, t.a.c.'s goal is to "undermine...reality
maintenance traps through perverse humor" through a variety a media,
including filmstrips, slides, film, and video.  He has displayed this
penchant for the absurd again and again, most notably through his
satirical peep show film, Balling
Tim Ore is Best (a play on his home town slogan: Baltimore is Best)
which climaxes when several Julian-cut vegetables penetrate a
grapefruit. The film enjoyed a 24-hour non stop two week debut  at a
Baltimore Peep House, unbeknownst to the proprietors.
Works set to screen include:
Balling Tim Ore is Best
Super 8mm and audio cassette, 16mins., 1985
See above.
16mm, 4:15mins., 1990
Made with the assistance of Dee-Dee Ranged, Terry, & Randy George
A light-hearted look at those lovable bulimics.
Diszey Spots
16mm & VHS, 11:20mins., 1993
Dramatic evidence that Walt Disney directed his best from beyond the
grave--or at least while cyrogenically pickled.
Funny Farm Summit Meeting
16mm & VHS, 14mins., 1995
t.a.c.'s fourth "nudist wearing masks" film.
You Haven't Heard the Record, You Haven't Read the Book, NOW! Don't see
the movie!
Super 8mm & VHS, 27mins., 1988
An animated romp through t.a.c.'s book collection.  Stimulation for the
fanatical library browser.
Death Bed Aerobics
2 filmstrips & audio cassette, 4:45 mins., 1998
Made in collaboration with Etta Cetera
You're not ready for Death until you've taken Death Bed Aerobics!
Air Drops
VHS, 10mins., 1998
Documents Le Groupe Absence & the AAA (Association of Autonomous
Astronauts) paper airplane offensive on Baltimore.
The Chicago Underground Film Festival
Screen-L is sponsored by the Telecommunication & Film Dept., the
University of Alabama.