Joshua comments:
> Roberto Tietzmann wrote:
> >
> > Some messages ago, "Ed O'Neill" wrote about "Saving Private Ryan"
> >
> > >Could this add new meaning to the film's use of *hand*-held
> > >camera?
> >
> > I agree with you, Ed. A film director's artistic/aesthetic competence is
> > measured by how adequate are the choices he or she does to tell the story.
> > In "Ryan", Spielberg clearly uses the hand held documentary style camera to
> > set us apart from the common clean and fluid steadicam shots abundant in
> > other films and "pull us into the action".
> That's right, Roberto.  Furthermore, photojournalists of the day used
> hand-held cameras.
And that fairly new improvement allowed the rise of neorealism and
cinema verite, among other things.  Just before SPR was released, I
read that documentary footage of Normandy that had been shot by John
Ford and suppressed for all this time was about to be released.  Does
anyone know details of what Ford's films show?
Don Larsson
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