John Gravener comments:
> Also, the point, in my opinion, of an anti-war film is not the
> possibility of one being hurt, maimed, or killed in war, BUT the
> possibility of having to hurt, maim, or kill another human being.  A
> point not yet discussed here.
> Just my humble opinion.
And this is rather a weakness of the film, I think, since the Germans
by and large are not seen as "poor bastards trying to kill some other
poor bastard so they won't be killed" (as Gen. Patton/Scott puts it).
I have no brief for Bittberg revisionism, but why is the only German we
see up close a parody of the Ubermensch stereotype?  A film like
MIDNIGHT CLEAR does a better job of exploring those complexities, not
to mention DAS BOOT or even IRON CROSS.
Don Larsson
Donald Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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