Amy Chu has just taken on the responsibility of moderating
Screen-L--relieving Hong-Sik Yu of the job he's done (and done well) for
the past two years.
Hong-Sik and Amy are both graduate students here in Telecommunication and
Film at the University of Alabama.  In fact, Hong-Sik has just moved on
from our Master's program to pursue a Ph.D.  We'll miss you, Hong-Sik!
Hong-Sik and I have tutored Amy on the ins and outs of Screen-L moderating,
but it'll probably be a few weeks before she's completely adapted to it.
Until then, we ask for your patience if an inappropriate post or two slips
As always, our policy is to moderate Screen-L as little as
possible--filtering out the spam and flames and non-film/TV posts but
keeping a lively discussion going.
Please bare with us as we make the transition from Yu to Chu.  (Hey, that
P.S.  In the near future, Screen-L will migrate from one U Alabama computer
to another.  Stay tuned for further details.
Jeremy Butler
Screen-L Coordinator
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Telecommunication & Film/University of Alabama/Tuscaloosa
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