Kit Parker [(800) 538-5838] had both, and I think still has
*Black Narcissus.*  Their *Red Shoes* print came from a Janus master neg,
but I don't know if KP still holds rights.
                          William Lafferty, PhD
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        The universe was once conceived almost as a vast preserve, landscaped
  for heroes, plotted to provide them the appropriate adventures.   The rules
  were known and respected, the adversaries honorable, the oracles articulate
  and precise as the directives of a six-lane parkway.  Errors of weakness or
  vanity  led,  with  measured  momentum,  to  the  tragedy  which   resolved
  everything.  Today, the rules are ambiguous, the adversary is  concealed in
  aliases, the oracles broadcast a babble of contradictions.
                                 --- Maya Deren, from her notes for *At Land*
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