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>  There was an episode a while back wherein Scully and Mulder investigate a
>  town for vampirism.  I don't remember the particulars, but it is "narrated"
>  through the eyes of both characters, and the telling of the case is
>  influenced by the way they each see each other as well as other people.
>  For instance, the Sheriff, who appeared to Scully as handsome, appeared to
>  Mulder as a buck-toothed rube.  Has anyone else seen this episode?
>  Cheers,
>  Erika
I remember it. It was entitled BAD BLOOD. It started at the end of the story,
and flashbacked to what happened until that time. A very funny episode showing
not reality, but the world through the perseptions of the two main characters.
An interesting season doing things way out of the ordinary for a season.
Taking many chances. MILENNIUM was doing the same.
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