At 12:12 PM 9/10/98 +0300, Boris Vidovic wrote:
>I am working on a thematic issue of a croatian film journal *Hrvatski
>filmski ljetopis* dealing with cognitivism and film theory. Does anyone know
>some good recent bibliography? I'm quite familiar with what's been published
>in English (although good suggestions are always welcome), so I would
>appriciate some enlightment in what's been written on the subject elsewhere.
>Post can be sent directly to me.
>Thanks in advance.
>Boris Vidovic
Check out David Bordwell's book on Narration, a book by Murray Smith called
"Fiction, Emotion, and the Cinema," and any book by Noel Carrol.  They all
have a tendency to see narration, and spectatorship, from a cognitivist
perspective.  I also recommend Paul Messaris' book called "Visual
Literacy," and anything written by Paul Messaris and Larry Gross.  Gross
and Messaris are not film theorists per se (I'd categorize them as Visual
Communication scholars).   Other scholars in the realm of visuality and
cognitivism include Sol Worth (Symbolic Strategies) and Jay Ruby.
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