There are a few scenes I hope someone can identify:
One was a film where there are all these noises in a guy's house and he
keeps shouting "Qui frappe? Qui frappe?" very nervously.  I'm not sure if
this was a French film or a Frenchman speaking his own tongue in an
English-language film.
The other I thought was in _Chikyu Kogeki Merei:  Gojira tai Gaigan_, but
I thinmk I eliminated it when I last saw it a few years ago.  (Probably I
should have pulled it out and watched it before asking, since I own it).
This scene was in a seventies film.  The protagonists stumble upon the
Embassy of Rhodesia, but it has become Zimbabwe by this point, and they
comment about it. I think it had something to do with an intrigue plot.
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