>I was wondering if anyone could give me the titles of some really inept
>documentaries I saw in middle school health classes that were so inept
>they were funny.  One was on the Heimlich maneuver, and it would cut away
>from the choking person to some people who would deliver this "Look, he's
>turned blue!" line, after which it would cut back to the person in
>day-glow makeup like a smurf!
>I'd love to see these again, and I'm sure I could find them through
>interlibrary loan if I knew the titles.
| I don't have the titles, but you might try to find them through Rick
| Prelinger's "Ephemeral Films" collections.  For information, go to:
Rick Prelinger is a really cool guy; I had posted positive comments about
his CD-ROM series "Our Secret Century" on alt.video.laserdisc and he made a
point of emailing his thanks directly.
You can reach him via email at [log in to unmask] for more information.
Good luck!
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