Please allow me to introduce myself to Screen-L members. I'm a Senior
Lecturer (a position similar to Professor in the USA) in Acting for
Screen and Stage at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga,
Australia, and am the Program Co-ordinator of our Acting for Screen
and Stage and Design for Theatre and Television degrees.
I have just embarked on a long overdue PhD, and would very much appreciate
the help of Screen-L members.
The topic is screen acting, and the precise title is "An investigation of the
styles of acting used in the different genres of film and television drama" -
is, I plan to compare and contrast the styles of acting in features, series
drama, soaps and sit-coms. My major research subjects will primarily be the
films and television programs I have selected for study, but I also plan to
interview academics, actors, directors, producers and critics.
I would be grateful for the help of Screen-L members in one of two
Firstly, I will be undertaking a research trip for the project to the
USA in August/September this year, and would very much appreciate an
opportunity to interview anyone who has any insights on the
subject. I'll be in New York in August and Los Angeles in September,
but I can travel elsewhere if necessary.
Secondly, if anyone has any comments but isn't available
for interview I would be most grateful for an e-mail response.
Rather than reply to the list it would perhaps be best for all
responses to be sent directly to my e-mail address:
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Many thanks,
Ray Goodlass
Senior Lecturer & Course Coordinator:
   BA Acting for Screen and Stage
   BA Design for Theatre & TV
Charles Sturt University
PO Box 588
Wagga Wagga NSW 2678
Email: [log in to unmask]
Telephone: 61 69 332 472
Mobile: 61 69 0412 363 718
Fax: 61 69 332 751
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