>  Hi - There is a Media Studies Tutors Email list serve that  might be
> of use to you.
> After this years BFI National Media Studies Conference, this list
> serve was constructed so media studies teachers could continue debate,
> ask questions, swap resources, discuss projects, and gain support from
> an online community.
> If appropriate, join this listserv, as it would be beneficial to you
> or perhaps to others if you can contribute to such a community. This
> List serve is available through Youth Cable Television's  home page or
> direct subscription is possible by sending an email to
> [log in to unmask] with the words 'subscribe' and 'filmteach' in the
> body (not the subject) of the message.
> Thank you for taking the time to read this message, we would welcome
> your input and possible future co-operation from the otherside of the
> atlantic.
> Yours
> Rafal Kaniewski
> Education Officer - Youth Cable Television