Krin Gabbard requests:
> A friend is interested in the literature on Daffy Duck, especially his
> resemblences to familiar Hollywood types.  Can anyone suggest some useful
> articles or books?
A good starting place is Leonard Maltin's overview of studio
cartooning, OF MICE AND MAGIC.  While there are a number of articles
addressing specific WB cartoons and characters, your friend might also
want to check out Chuck Jones' autobiographies CHUCK AMUCK and CHUCK
REDUX, since Jones (and writer Mike Maltese) did more than anyone else
to turn the Duck's image from the wacky "woo-woo!" troublemaker and
into an overeager would-be entertainer (culminating perhaps in his
continual frustrations in DUCK AMUCK).
Don Larsson
Donald Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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