On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Edward R. O'Neill wrote:
> Kolker cites _The Scout_ as an interesting pre-text to
> _GWH_, but I think Levy is right to point out that the prior
Using this logic we would have to say Good Will Hunting than
is really indebted to Fear Strikes Out which was about famed
odd-ball baseball player Jimmy Piersal and quite honestly I
think this is a stretch. Other than losing his marbles,
Piersal was infamouse for running the bases backwards
after a home-run and kicking an abusive fan in the back
with his spikes during an on-field altercation.
>         But any takers on the issue of the reasons why Hollywood
> likes to present talent/genius in terms of emotional
> disturbance and trauma?  Of course a *nice* genius is not
> terribly cinematic.
it's self-serving on most actor's part and these roles are
perptuated by actors.  They get the best of both worlds -
they get to justify over-emoting via the madness and they
are allowed a verbose script due to the perception of being
a genius.                       christian
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