I find it interestin when composers step before the camera.  Everyone
laughs when Bernard Herrmann shows up to conduct in Hitchcock's 1956 _The
Man Who Knew Too Much_, and probably the next-best known are Danny Elfman
as an Oingo Boingo member in several films and as the singing voice of
Jack Skellington in Henry Selick's _Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before
Christmas_.  Often the composer appears as a musician or a conductor,
such as newcomer Christopher Lennertz as a bassist in _Art House_ but
can anyone add to the following list of composers trying their hand at
actual acting (something James Horner ought to do)?:
In each case, these composers wrote the music for the film they acted in:
Danny Elfman as Satan in Richard Elfman's _Forbidden Zone_ (1980) (which
I've read is in black and white, not making full use of his flaming red
John Massari as "Bob"-worshipping composer Steve Shostakovich in Mike
Jittlov's _The Wizard of Speed and Time_ (1988)
Jerry Goldsmith as a frozen yogurt customer in Joe Dante's _Gremlins 2:
The New Batch_ (1990) "No rats"
David Newman as Officer Graves in Willard Carroll's _The Runestone_ (1990)
(Willard has a tendency not to name many of his characters until the end
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