trevor barton writes:
>> I'm writing a term paper on 'ethnic cleaning' (not
>> cleansing) i.e.- the relationship between ethnicity and
>> the act of 'cleaning', cleaning products and their marketing
>> (i.e.-soap ads.)
        See Patricia Turner's *Ceramic Uncles & Celluloid Mammies: Black
Images and Their Influence on Culture* (New York: Anchor Books, 1994).
        Also, see Hollywood cinema and its beloved domestic laborers of
color: Hattie McDaniel, Louise Beavers, Butterfly McQueen, Stepin Fetchit,
Bill Bojangles Robinson, Eddie Rochester Anderson, Clarence Muse, Mantan
Moreland, et al.
and also obviously the title is a pun on
>> words- the threat of European (fascist) history repeating
>> itself....
        *European* *Fascist*???  How about *racist?*  (European, American,
etc.)  Explain this, please.
        Gloria Monti
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