The tone of the film is also somewhat similar to the film adaptation of
EDDIE COYLE, although not as bleak. The character's name in the film is
also Jackie Brown; everything I've read attributes the 1997 film name
Jackie Brown as a tie to Grier's Foxy Brown character, however, but that
could just be an unawareness of the EDDIE COYLE character and an inside
joke for Tarantino.
> 2.  One of the cops clearly dates the sting at the mall as summer 96 (I've
> forgotten the exact date) but during the scene you can see an ad for the
> computer game Jane's 688(i) which wasn't released until the middle of 1997.
I also remember a scene where Forster comes out of a theater, and there's
a poster for THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, which came out in 1995.
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