Dear Julie Grossman,
UCLA is well worth a visit, as is the library of the Motion Picture Academy
in Beverly Hills and USC has some scripts, etc.Prof. Steve Mamber at UCLA
is a film noir maven who has done some work putting together digital
versions with notes for Criterion laserdiscs. He can give you some guidance
and is a super computer buff -- he taught me Turbo Pascal for a class and I
am a programming averse mac user.
All good wishes,
Larry Jarvik
>Hi All.
>I'm beginning work on a book abt film noir and am wondering if
>any of you have suggestions abt particular collections or archives that I
>may find useful.  I'm thinking of heading for the UCLA film research
>archive, where I know I can find restored films such as _Double
>Indemnity_ and a generally large collection of films, but I'm having a
>hard time (through phone and websites) discovering if there would be
>enough of specific interest to warrant the trip.  I know UCLA
>also houses scripts and press materials in its special collections, but
>again, I'm wondering if any of you have more direct experience of the
>resources there, or of anywhere else you think might offer good research
>material and film collections on the subject of film noir.  Thanks very
>much in advance.
>Julie Grossman
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Laurence Jarvik
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