I'm looking for litterature on the image of the enemy in action/thriller films. I'll mostly be analysing modern American action films to see what functions evil has. What groups are portrayed as evil? Are the bad guys becoming more appealing than appaling? How does the movie industry's choice of bad guys interact with social issues and situations? I'm not primarily looking for loose opinions like "I have a feeling that the muslims are taking over the role of the russians...", even though such a discussion might get very interesting in this group. I would just like to know what's been done of serious research on these subjects. I've read a little bit of Murray Smiths writings on "Perverse Allegiances", but haven't been able to find much more. Ingvald Bergsagel Helvetica____________________________________ ________ Ingvald Bergsagel - Rostedsgate 9 - 0178 OSLO home# 22113552 - pager #96819967 ---- Screen-L is sponsored by the Telecommunication & Film Dept., the University of Alabama.