Leo Enticknap recommends:
> Barry Salt, "Film Style and Technology: History and Analysis" (London,
> Starword, 2nd ed., 1992)
> Karel Reisz, "The Technique of Film Editing" (London, Focal Press, 1952)
> Bordwell, Staiger & Thompson, "The Classical Hollywood Cinema" (London & NY,
> Routledge, 1986); some coverage of the technical issues but possibly worth
> recommending as most film studies students are likely to have come across it
> anyway.
> These cover the technical evolution of film editing, and do not address video
> at all.  Sorry, can't help you with that.
Bordwell also has a new book (from Harvard Press) on the history of
film style.
Edward Dmytryck's book on editing might be of interest.
Depending on how far back you want to go, you should consider
Eisenstein's FILM FORM and THE FILM SENSE.
Don Larsson
Donald Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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