As part of a research project I'm interested in--I'm looking for
suggestions for movies to investigate.  Briefly: I'm looking for films
where characters of an "upper-class" (broadly defined: economic, social
etc) are "moralized, "emotionally healed," shown a "better" life
perspective, etc. by characters of a "lower-class" (again broadly defined).
Further I'm primarily interested in mainstream contemporary Hollywood
cinema (made since about 1977 or so) that fit this very broadly defined
category.  Some examples are:
White Palace, Titanic, Pretty Woman, & Passion Fish
I realize that matters of race & gender will often be important to these
films also.
Any help with movie & research suggestions is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
J. Emmett Winn
Film Studies Instructor
Department of Communication
217 Tichenor Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5211
Phone: 334-844-2761
Fax: 334-844-4665
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