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> My question is: are
> there other films that merited the title "most expensive fim to
> date"?
Good Afternoon.
I have not been much of a contributor to this list the last couple of
months (getteing close to a year now), but this thread caught my interest.
Since most of the other responds to this subject seems to be based on
human memory, I thought I might as well participate in a similar fashion.
The movie I have in mind is Renny Harlin's "Cutthroat Island" starring
the director's own sweet heart Geena Davies.
If my memory serves me right I believe this pirate epic had a price tag of
around 150 million dollars. Not _the_ most expensive movie of all time,
but still, it's a lot of money.
But I would really like to know how it did at the box office. In Norway it
lasted only to weeks at the cinema, but it seemed to have had a pretty
good after-life in the video stores.
Perhaps it could qualify as "The most expensive box-office disaster among
movies that I love" (I do)?
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