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Subject: I need help with a research paper!
I was told by my film Professor that if I hit a dead end in researching my
topic, here is the place to go.  I am analyzing films that depict gang
violence in such a way as to say "Stop the Violence", and comparing such
films to the "ordinary" films depicting gang violence as just spectacle.  I
am using the following films:
Colors directed by Dennis Hopper
Above the Rim by Jeff Pollack
Bound by Honor by Taylor Hackfield
Mi Vida Loca by Allison Anders
True Blood by Frank Kerr
Boyz N the Hood by John Singleton
Menace II Society by Allen and Albert Hughes
New Jack City by Mario Van Peebles
Clockers by Spike Lee
If you know of any resources that may be helpful with my topic, or the movies
I have chosen, please e-mail me.  I am trying to stay within the 1970's to
the 1990's in my topic and if you know of any gangster films that are
relevent to the "Stop the Violence" theme, please let me know.
Thank you,