1998 National Media Owl Awards
                                  *CALL FOR ENTRIES*
The Competition:
       The purpose of this competition is to identify and promote the
visibility of outstanding films, videotapes, and television progeams
for and about aging or aged people, and to encourage excellence in
media peoductions onn issues related to aging.  Films and videos that
are produced in U.S, released or copyrighted during 1997, and does
not promote an organization, institute or product are eligible to be
*independent films and videotapes
*television non-fiction
*training films and videotapes
*community videos
*First Prize Award of "Wise Old Owl" statuette and $5,000
*Second Proze Award of $2,000
*Honorable Mention Awards of $1,000
*Community Video Award of $2,000
How to enter:
      An official Retirement Research Foundation National Media Owl
Award Entry Form or copy must accompany all entries.  Entry forms can
also be downloaded from the web site listed below.  Titles in series
must be entered individually with a seperate entry form for each.
Entry forms must be signed.
      Entries may be submitted by the producer, director,distributor, or
 institute or television station.  A 3/4" or 1/2" (VHS-SP) cassette
must be submitted with each entry form.  Video-transfers of 16mm
films are preferred.
      There is no entry fee.  Information on entry status will not be
available before April 13, 1998.
Ray Bradford, Project Director
National Media Owl Awards
The Retirement Research Foundation
8765 W. Higgins Road, Suite 401
Chicago, Illinois 60631-4170
For more information:
(773) 714-8080
(773) 714-8089 fax
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