Nobody Waved Goodbye is distributed by the National Film Board of Canada, Fax 514-283-7564. The NFB also distributes Jutra's Mon ONcle
Antoine, but only on video.  Two  distributors that carry a lot of
Canadian films for clasroom use in 16mm (they can advise you if the US
distributor is different) are Criterion, tel 416-252-4151, and Audiocine,
fax 514-493-9058. Criterion has a not-so-good print of Goin Down the Road,
and they also distribute subtitled Jutra, e.g. Kamouraska.
        Two more commercial distributors of Canadian film, on 35mm and
video, are Alliance (mostly Anglo), tel 416-967-1141 fax 416-967-4358, and
Malofilm (mostly Francophone),tel 416-480-0453 fax 416-480-0501.
You might also contact Rhona Bernstein, who teaches a course in Canadioan
cinema at UCLA.
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