THE UNHEARD MUSIC -documentary look at seminal LA band: X
Especially timely given the new release of the double CD
X ANTHOLOGY:BEYOUND AND BACK --which includes select cuts
from film.
Greg Dark aka Hippolyte's X-rated NEW WAVE HOOKERS. The current
PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO magazine has an indepth interview with
Dark related to his surreal revoltionary pornographic films
and Dark's use of New Wave music/visual imagery. Also mentions
his work with THE MELVINS.
VALLEY GIRL - early Nick Cage film -foreshadowing his forth
coming role as SUPERMAN with S shaped-shaved chest-hair.
TUFF TURF -early James Spader/Robert Downy Jr. New Wave REBEL
WITHOUT A CASE youth film.  Most notable for Disney child
actress (WITCH MOUNTAIN) Kim Richards playing
sex kitten and poet/rocker JIM CARROL playing himself.
Christian Doellner  [log in to unmask]
I'd like to bite my paintings, but I can't
cause there's lead in the paint.  Which
means I'm kinda chicken. I don't feel
I've really gotten in there yet, and the
paintings still seem safe and tranquil
to me.   DAVID LYNCH
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