Helen Kay asks:
> Can anyone help? I'm trying to compile a list of films or TV programmes
> (fiction or non-fiction, but preferably post-1970) which incorporate or
> discuss popular images of genetics. I'm looking in particular for
> popular "behavioural genetics" stories--"bad seed" or "evil genes" themes.
You might want to start with films based on Naturalist novels that
often deal with the anti-hero protagonists as "tainted" by "bad blood."
Renoir's LA BETE HUMAINE (from a Zola novel) and von Stroheim's GREED
(adapted from Frank Norris's MCTEAGUE) are two examples.
Of course, some of the more recent horror/slasher films play on this
theme, but it's interesting to note that some of them have the slasher
tainted not by blood or genes but by a traumatic experience.
The Nature vs. Nurture debate continues.
Don Larsson
Donald Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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