>Jayna Neagle <[log in to unmask]> asks;
> >what is linear and non-linear editing?  what is off-line, on-line
Davew Trautman gave a very complete explanation for these terms, but I
like to think of them this way:
Linear editing- composing your tape-based work like you would a paper on
a typewriter
Non-linear editing- dumpiong all of your tape into a cvomputer and
shuffling it around like you would a paper on a word processor.
Off-line editing- putting together an outline of your paper from index
cards. (at $25/hr)
on-line editing-polishing the outline into a finished piece at $250/hr
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It's not the time it takes to take the takes,
it's the time it takes BETWEEN the takes,
that takes the time to take the takes.
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