>The genius of "Postman" lies (arguably) not in its use of the drifter
>image, but in the fact that it is a retelling of the story of Adam and
>Eve and the (by now infamous) apple. Two lovers, too eager and smart for
>their own good, win a prize they should not have, and are destroyed by
>it. They are clever enough to avoid the immediate (but not the ultimate)
>consequences of "immorality".
****  But this isn't even remotely close.  For one thing, only two people
are involved and nobody dies.  There's no drifter, no marriage to an older
man (actually no marriage at all), no distrust, no lying, no thwarted
plans, etc.  Plus the Genesis story is a bit different:  Eve takes the
fruit (apple was a Medieval invention) and gives it to Adam; he doesn't go
after it himself.  They aren't necessarily eager or smart and they
certainly aren't destroyed.
Lang Thompson
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