>Jill  [log in to unmask] wrote:
>I'm going to be teaching a course on Midnight Movies and would really like
>to show some early work by the Kuchar Brothers, George and Mike.
Canyon Cinema in San Francisco has a long list of George Kuchar's films (on
16mm):  (415) 626-2255
The Film-Maker's Cooperative in New York carries films by both George and
Mike Kuchar:  (212) 889-3820
And the Video Data Bank in Chicago distributes many of the videos that
George Kuchar has made in the last decade (e.g. "Weather Diaries") -- if
you like his early film work, you might enjoy these in-camera edited videos
as well!  The Video Data Bank is at (312) 345-3550.
Ines Sommer
(School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
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