>I'm going to be teaching a course on Midnight Movies and would really like
>to show some early work by the Kuchar Brothers, George and Mike.
>Does anyone know if some of these films are available on video (titles
>include "Hold Me While I'm Naked," "I Was a Teenage Rumpot," "Sins of the
>Fleshapoids," "The Naked and the Nude," "The Craven Sluck")?  If so, where
>can I rent and/or purchase them?
>If they're only available on film, where and can I rent them for my class?
'Hold me while I'm naked', 'The Mongreloid' and 'A Reason to Live' (and, if I
correctly, a fourth one) were packaged a couple of years ago in Britain on a
 video tape, called, I
think, 'The Weird World of George Kuchar'.
A very nice collection, but I don't know if it is still available.
Tim Bergfelder
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