Just to add a note to the conversation between Jeremy and Leo--
> > Interestingly, the FILM ART Instructor's Manual (at least for the 5th
> > edition) details the method Kristin Thompson uses to "Make Slides from Film
> > and Video Images."  She uses a Canon Duplicator 35 and 35mm prints for most
> > of the stills.
> What I've usually done is to place the 35mm cinema film in a stills enlarger
> and make a Cibachrome paper print (which I then scanned).  It has sometimes
> taken me two or three test strips to get the exposure and gamma levels right,
> but the results are usually acceptable.  I've never tried a slide duplicator
> attachment on an SLR camera, though.  I'll have to get the new edition of B &
> T...
If you're willing to settle for slides from 16 mm. (although you can
probably use them for print as well), I use a Fujica Macrocinecopy X
lens mount.  It has clips and apertures for both 8 mm and 16 mm film
and setup can be very simple.  I've had this for some time, so I don't
know if Fujica still makes it, but it may be available through various
photo supply sources.
Don Larsson
Donald Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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