>Dear List Members,
>I am teaching a junior/senior film course in the spring on Issues of Race,
>Class, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in Contemporary International Film. I
>plan to show 6-8 films. So far, I have decided to show: _Once Were
>Warriors_, _Duaghters of the Dust_, and _The Wedding Banquet_. Any ideas
>for other films? I would very much appreciate your suggestions and advice.
>Thanks, Chella Courington.
How about  "My Beautfiul Launderette,"
                         "Mississippi Massala"
>" I feel the revolutionalizing of our continent hinges on the woman question."
>     Ama Ata Aidoo, in Adeola James, _In Their Own Voices_
>Chella Courington
>Associate Professor of Literature
>Huntingdon College; Montgomery, AL 36106
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