Alan Bill notes:
"I just recalled a particularly egregious example from television a long
time ago. ABC was promoting the film ZORBA THE GREEK. In the promo there
was a shot of a woman nude to the waist, shot from behind. But the movie as
actually shown cut that scene out!"
A more recent example of false promises from TV came last spring when TNT
aired BEN-HUR.  They kicked off with a commentary by Martin Scorsese lauding
the wide-screen effects of the film, especially discussing how much was lost
when the chariot race is not letter-boxed.  Thus, one (along with Scorsese)
assumed that TNT would at least letterbox the race.  But come the race, no
(Not as exciting as a nude scene maybe, but no less disappointing to a
Don Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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