Dennis Rothermel points out:
" The POV is a narrative construction and not a
technical/grammatical device.  That an audience accepts this identification
of image with viewpoint is fully a function of not just general cinematic
convention but more importantly the specific cinematic context, i.e., the
sequence of images and sounds before, during and after the POV."
This is precisely what Kuleshov is supposed to have demonstrated with his
famous experiment about the actor and the different items he is supposed to
be "looking" at.  And the device is exploited by Eisenstein and others,
more contemporary experimental filmmakers, to create false eyeline matches,
shot/reverse shot sequences, etc.  In the hands of a truly great incompetent,
like Ed Wood, the failure of the POV (or its incomprehensibility) is an
effect in itself.
Nice comments about the ending of STAGECOACH, BTW.
Don Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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