I have heard that John Hockenberry's "Edgewise" was AXED from the fall
line-up. Edgewise provided an excellent blend of intelligent conversation
on subjects ranging from assisted suicide to chess, artists like allen
ginsberg and musical guests such as Son Volt, Matthew Sweet, Vic Chesnutt
and Michelle Shocked.
Also lost is an excellent showcase of many independent films and
I have no idea why MSNBC decided to drop the show - ask msnbc i guess. I
think it's a shame considering John H. has landed some intense interviews
like Cronkie, Brinkley, had an excellent show on assisted suicide and even
have those groovy guys from Phish on recently.
For those who have read this far, John still will be a correspondent for
Feel free to disemmate this far and wide on the net,
Mike R.
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